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White water is: Opacity that occurs in the lens of the eye, As for glaucoma, it is an increase in eye pressure that causes erosion of the optic nerve, leading to a decline in the field of vision. In both cases, there is no water in the eye as is common.

most important reasons : Advanced age (they begin to appear approximately at the age of 60),

Among the reasons for its rapid occurrence are: having diabetes, Using cortisone treatments for a very long time, Severe eye injuries and infections of the cornea (ciliary body), The majority of people develop cataracts due to aging, and avoiding the mentioned causes may delay their occurrence.

Blurred vision (habituation) or a feeling of a curtain

In some cases, headache or double vision with focusing

Discomfort from lighting

Cataracts do not cause pain or redness in the eyes

It’s not true!

Especially now with the development of processes (Vaeco) it has become easy to remove cataract with sound waves immediately after its formation, If left to ossify it increases the likelihood of complications.

For now There is no treatment for them other than surgical intervention and the effectiveness of drops, injections or others has not been proven.

cataracts are not considered dangerous, If left and ignored until ossified, the likelihood of intraocular infections may increase. As for the possibility of it turning into blue water, it is a rare possibility these days, praise be to God.

The duration of the operation is 15 minutes and the person does not feel pain during or after it.

Usually vision gradually improves after the procedure, Sometimes it improves quickly and sometimes it is worse than before the operation and begins to improve with treatment.

If the person does not want to use glasses after the operation.

Glaucoma is more dangerous especially since there is no cure for it The goal of drops and operations is to preserve only the optic nerve from damage .

Yes Some rare types of cataracts affect newborns or young people and may have genetic causes.

the removal of the opaque lens with sound waves is initiated through a small incision at the tip of the eye, Then a new lens is implanted in the place of the removed lens, and in most cases the wound does not need sutures.

Cataracts are the No. 1 cause of curable blindness.

Before the operation:

The patient must be fasting

To take pressure and diabetes treatments on the morning of the operation

Follow the instructions of the anesthesiologist

Sleep well

After the operation:

Prevents eye scratching

Not exercising vigorously for a week

Do not lift heavy objects for a week

Not to bend, kneel or prostrate

Not sleeping on the face or abdomen

Be careful not to get water to the eye for a week

There is no recovery period and the person can practice his life normally after the operation.

There is no specific time, When cataracts affect a person’s daily life, they must remove it.

اسألنا إذا كان لديك أي سؤال؟

هذا النص يمكن أن يتم تركيبه على أي تصميم دون مشكلة فلن يبدو وكأنه نص منسوخ، غير منظم، غير منسق، أو حتى غير مفهوم. لأنه مازال نصاً بديلاً ومؤقتاً.

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