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Ophthalmology Consultants – Front of the Eye Unit The front of the eye includes the eyelid, conjunctiva, cornea, anterior chamber, iris and lens. It forms the front part of the eye or the interface and window through which light penetrates and is focused on the retina so that vision can be achieved clearly. Sometimes it is injured. The eye is presented with problems that distort the beauty of the eye, hinder healthy vision, and may cause blindness, which causes a lot of inconvenience and suffering to the patient (and those around him) and hinders the normal course of his life. These problems include: infections of all kinds and their many complications, accidents and injuries, and corneal opacity (which is the fourth cause of blindness at the level of world) and lens problems (white water disease – cataract – is the first cause of blindness in the world (48% of cases) and others. We, thank God, in Ophthalmology Consultants, have the precise specializations, great experience, and advanced technologies, to do everything that is needed, to treat these problems. Cases, including surgical interventions such as corneal and lens transplantation…etc.

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Dr. Muhammad Qoqandi

Consultant in ophthalmology and surgery, specializing in corneal diseases and surgeries and vision correction

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Dr. Musa Al-Harbi

Consultant in corneal surgeries, LASIK, cataract surgeries, internal lens implants, and iris infections

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Dr. Saad Al-Harbi

Saudi Board in Ophthalmology

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Dr.. Khaled bin Mohammed Al-Jubeir

Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist

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Dr.. Lujain Talaat Idris

Assistant Professor at King Abdulaziz University

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Dr.Khaled al-Maliki

Consultant ophthalmologist

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Professor Dr. Islam Hamdi

• Consultant in corneal diseases and surgeries and vision correction

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