Plastic surgery unit

Plastic surgery unit

Eye …. This bright jewel, which occupies the forefront of the “facial beauty” system, may sometimes distort its beauty by birth defects, injuries, acquired diseases, or changes that accompany aging, which causes a great deal of psychological and social suffering for the affected individual and those around him, in addition to visual disability. Examples of these problems include: • drooping eyelids, especially in children. • Curvature of the eyelid edge (inward or outward). • Fatty accumulations in the eyelids. • Eye atrophy or bulging. • Lacrimal system diseases such as blocked tear ducts. • Congenital deformity of the eyelids associated with aging. Until recently, dealing with these problems represented a major challenge for both the doctor and the patient, represented by the difficulty of achieving a balance between treating the problem – and at the same time – preserving the beauty of the eye. But with the amazing scientific progress and the (Estishrian Ophthalmology Center), where we have high-end expertise and the latest international technologies… we can achieve the budget. With us…you will see life with beautiful eyes.

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Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Ahmed Al-Mosallam

Senior consultant in plastic surgery, tear duct diseases and surgeries

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