Pediatric Eye Diseases and Strabismus Unit

Pediatric Eye Diseases and Strabismus Unit

The gift of sight is one of the most important senses that enables a person, from the moment of birth, to explore, recognize, and deal with the world around him. The eyes of our dear children are susceptible to many genetic, congenital or acquired problems (during the first years of life), which negatively affects their natural growth and development, especially in the field of learning, and may cause blindness. Examples of these problems include: strabismus, lazy eye, congenital defects, and vision defects. Refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism (astigmatism), congenital glaucoma, cataracts, tear duct problems, double vision, involuntary eye movements, some eye tumors… and others. Vision problems in children cause many educational problems and academic backwardness, in addition to their serious social and psychological effects. The dangerous thing is that many of these problems are not discovered until late, as it is difficult to compensate the child for his suffering, and it may be difficult to save the eye. It is a mistaken belief among many that strabismus disappears with age, and does not need to be detected early. This is a big mistake, as strabismus It may be a sign of serious diseases such as retinal cancer. Early treatment of strabismus and its causes prevents lazy eye and poor vision. World Health Organization statistics have proven that there are 1.4 million children suffering from blindness, in addition to 12 million children suffering from visual impairment, due to refractive vision defects that could have been easily detected and treated if discovered early. In order to save the eyes of our beloved children, and give them the opportunity for normal growth and development, our interest was in equipping an independent unit for early detection and intervention at the highest scientific and technical level. Explore the world with insight.

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