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The relationship between the eye and the nervous system is a close relationship, as the position of the eyelids and their movement is controlled by a group of muscles whose work is regulated by the nervous system. The eyes move together in strange balance and harmony by a group of muscles and nerves, and the dilation of the eye’s pupil is controlled by a muscle whose work is regulated. Through the nervous system. The retina also contains light-sensitive nerve cells that convert light reflected on the retina into nerve signals to be transmitted to the visual center in the brain via the optic nerve. This neuromuscular coordination is regulated according to the distance of the visible object, its speed, the intensity of lighting, etc. If there is a defect in these nerves or in the neuromuscular coordination, there will be a disturbance in the sharpness of vision, the position of the eyes and eyelids, the movement of the eyes (or the appearance of involuntary eye movements), double vision… and other problems. Our unit is qualified at the highest levels to diagnose and treat these problems, God willing. Ophthalmology Consultants.. See life in all its details..

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Dr. Faisal Al-Mubarak

Professor of Ophthalmology and Surgery

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Dr.. Muhammad Fawzi Khalifa

• Consultant ophthalmology and surgery (Austrian fellowship)

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Dr.. Muhannad Al Qurashi

• Saudi Board in Ophthalmology from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

• Consultant in ophthalmology and surgery - consultant in diseases and surgeries of glaucoma (glaucoma) and cataract surgery.

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