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The mechanism of vision is a divine miracle, as the light reflected from objects falls on the eye, so the cornea and the lens of the eye focus the light on the retina (this ability is called the refractive power of the eye), and then the retina, in turn, converts the light into nerve signals and sends them to the visual centers in the brain via the nerve. Visual. Often, a defect in the refractive power of the eye occurs as a result of problems with the cornea, lens, or eye size. Light reflected from objects is concentrated either behind the retina or in front of the retina, or it is concentrated on the retina but in irregular forms, which leads to vision problems such as myopia or Farsightedness, astigmatism, or farsightedness (which often occurs after the age of forty), or even to visual impairment and blindness, as statistics have shown that there are 5 million people worldwide who suffer from blindness resulting from refractive vision defects, while 124 suffer from Millions of people suffer from poor vision. Despite the availability of many modern solutions to these problems, glasses and contact lenses still have their own charm among some of their users, and within the framework of our philosophy based on precise specialization with integration of services, we have prepared an independent unit for glasses and contact lenses of all kinds, whether therapeutic or cosmetic, as well. We opened a high-end optical showroom in the city of Riyadh, where our experts provide accurate diagnosis and involve the auditor in determining the appropriate method and methods of caring for it, in a precise balance between beauty of form and efficiency of performance. Our honorable guest… When you use glasses or prescription lenses, we advise you to follow up and examine them every year. Together…you see the beauty of life.

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